Idaho Missionary Charisa Coulter Released

GlobelTracker| Charisa Coulter, 24, one of two Baptist missionaries still held on kidnapping charges in Haiti was released today.

“I’m very happy that she left today, and for her freedom, and expect mine to come soon,” Laura Silsby, the group’s leader, told The Associated Press as she left the courthouse where a judge held a closed hearing Monday.

Coulter was released because there was no evidence to support the charges of kidnapping and criminal association, according to defense lawyer Louis Ricardo Chachoute, who predicted Silsby would be released soon as well.

After a court hearing Monday for Silsby, Judge Bernard Saint-Vil said he heard evidence from a police officer who said he stopped Silsby from loading a bus with children near the Dominican Republic consulate in Port-au-Prince on Jan. 26. That was three days before her group was arrested while trying to cross into the Dominican Republic with 33 children.

“I found inconsistencies in some of Laura’s statements,” Saint-Vil told reporters, saying he planned to visit the Dominican consulate to resolve them. via Idaho Statesman