How Bound Are Muslims To Act Against South Park?

muslim fatwa against south parkBart Simpson shows support for South ParkLove | Peace Ayaan Hirsi Ali advises co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to take 20-year-old Muslim convert Zachary Adam Chesser’s warning on the Web site following the 200th episode of the show on Comedy Central seriously.

In what is already a sensationalized discussion around fatwas, the hardly-neutral former member of the Dutch parliament and anti-fundamentalist activist Ayann Hirsi Ali explains her vision of what could happen next in the case. Having watched the 200th episode of ‘South Park’, we’re dumfounded that it’s worth a fatwa.

Ayann Hirsi Ali reminds readers that “with over a billion and a half people calling Muhammad their moral guide, it is imperative that we examine the consequences of his guidance, starting with the notion that those who depict his image or criticize his teachings should be punished.” Read on WSJ and Telegraph UK.