House Will Vote Again on Healthcare Legislation

HopeTracker| Democrats suffered a setback in President Obama’s signed healthcare bill, the one he’s promoting on the road today in Iowa City. The items aren’t related to healthcare but to the student-loan bill that became part of the healthcare reform bill.

Democrats could overrule the parliamentarian with 60 votes, which they don’t have, or Vice President Joe Biden could overrule him from the chair, which is unlikely. via ABC News

Democrats in both the Senate and House say they are confident that the new healthcare legislation will survive the blip in the reconciliation process. The Senate is scheduled to vote on the reconcilation this afternoon.

We don’t believe there will be any more speeches in the House of Representatives, just a vote.

For our many international readers who are following this debate, Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., said he doesn’t believe Congress members are in a real danger right now, but he denounced Republicans for fanning the flames.

Yes, the FBI is investigating threats to Democrats and minor vandalism has occurred. Read on in USA Today