House Democrats Make Health Bill Headway

HopeTracker| After picking up an “I’m satisfied with the Senate abortion language” statement but not a vote commitment yesterday from Democratic Rep Tom Perriello, the health care picked up two new Democrats today. Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich, of Ohio, who previously voted no said this morning that he will support the bill.

Representative Dale E. Kildee, Democrat of Michigan, said the abortion restrictions were sufficient to win his vote.

“I have stood up to many in my party to defend the right to life and have made no apologies for doing so,” he continued. “I now find myself disagreeing with some of the people and groups I have spent a lifetime working with. I have listened carefully to both sides, sought counsel from my priest, advice from family, friends and constituents and I have read the Senate abortion language more than a dozen times. I am convinced that the Senate language maintains the Hyde Amendment, which states that no federal money can be used for abortion.” via NYTimes

House leadership aides said they expected to release the final legislative language for the measure on Wednesday afternoon, setting up the possibility of a decisive vote on Saturday. House Democratic leaders have said lawmakers would be given 72 hours to review the legislation before voting on it.

Over at Politico the GOP casts Pelosi as health care villain, a label that has never upset Pelosi that much. Call her ‘never give up’ Nancy and admire her staying power, if nothing else.