Hindu Activists Try to Block Opening of 'My Name Is Khan'

Love | Peace This story has nothing to do with discrimination against Islam in America, unless you want to get psychological about cricket in India. Simply stated, Hindus in India are insulted to the point of slashing movie screens and demanding that a big-deal film on Islam in America, post-Sept. 11, 2001, not open in India on Friday.

The lead actor and global heart trob of the film ‘My Name Is Khan’ is a Muslim man, also in the cricket business, as a co-owner of a team.

Shah Rukh Khan deeply offended India’s Hindu Shiv Sena organization, suggesting that Pakistani cricket players should be allowed to play on Indian teams. Over 1000 people have been arrested, pre-ticket sales to the movie were suspended but started again today, and Mumbai’s security forces are on high alert Friday and into the weekend.

Clearly Americans don’t have a lock on intolerance. There is also the matter of a Muslim marrying a Hindu in the film, but all parties insist the problem is purely over cricket. Read on A Film’s Look at Islamic Intolerance in America Creates a Hindu | Islam Clash in IndiaAnne