Hillary Clinton | Not Exactly An Indecent Proposal

RedTracker | Woah Mama! The Daily Beast speculates today about Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton. We’ll have to ponder this one. It’s assumed that Justice Stevens will retire at the end of June. Even though she intends to serve on the court indefinitely, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not in great health.

The Vatican is determined to overturn Roe vs Wade and Republicans will play unbelievably hard ball with just about any Obama nominee. (My comments, not authors Myra Adams and Mark McKinnon, writing Justice Clinton?)

Republicans have no desire to see the court move to a more liberal position. They can yell and scream about Hillary, but many Republicans respect her.I can’t see no Republicans voting for Justice Clinton.  Read the article if you’re a politico. Adams and McKinnon write an interesting thought-piece.