Hillary Clinton Effect Brings Women Ambassadors & Women's Issues to Washington

GlobalTracker|Not surprisingly, the visibility of Hillary Clinton, appointed by President Obama, has impacted the number of female ambassadors in Washington. Currently, there are 25 female ambassadors out of 182 accredited ambassadors, assigned to Washington.

“Hillary Clinton is so visible” as secretary of state, said Amelia Matos Sumbana, who just arrived as ambassador from Mozambique. “She makes it easier for presidents to pick a woman for Washington.” via Washington Post

Clinton was preceeded by Madeline Albright and Condoleezza Rice but is uniquely known as a globetrotting champion of women’s rights. Read in-depth ‘Hillary effect’ cited for increase in female ambassadors to U.S. via Washington Post

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Clinton has hit the road again, leaving on a 10-day trip that takes her to Papua, New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia. U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will join her in Australia. Read Clinton Begins Asia-Pacific Tour via VOA News

Global development pundits will want to hear Secretary Clinton’s address given last week: Development in the 21st Century: Center for Global Development.