Hillary Clinton Dramatically Changes US Priorities at UN Conference on Women

Beyond the Veil| Last week’s 2010 meeting to assess progress in advancing the fight for women’s equality took on a dramatically different slant than a similar session held five years ago. AP reports that this time, the US wasn’t trying to make an anti-abortion declaration a core theme of final session documents.

AP states that whereas a dominant amount of precious time in the 2005 meeting was devoted to discussing abortion, and not progress on planks adopted in the 1995 UN conference in Beijing, this time Hillary Clinton’s US team was a member of an international consensus on priorities for the world’s women.

Her focus was on galvanizing fresh momentum to promote equal opportunities for women in business and education, to end discrimination under law and in practical reality, and to stop the “global pandemic” of violent attacks on women. She made a single reference to the U.S. increasing support for family planning as part of its Global Health Initiative, which also aims to reduce maternal and child deaths and HIV infections. via AP