Highly Creative People Like Einstein Display Different Patterns of Brain Activity

ArtTracker| I’m intrigued to read this morning that creative people have different patterns of electrical activity in their brains, than more methodical problem solvers. A quick google search indicates that researchers are also separating creativity from intellect, identifying them as separate activities using different zones of neural activity.

WSJ.com reports this finding from Drexel University in Philadelphia and Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill in a must-read article about Einstein’s brain: Heady Theories on Contours of Einstein’s Genius.

If you are interested in creativity theory and consciousness, read this article.

As a woman, I know about the argument that because women’s brains are smaller, they’re not as smart. Brain scans have dismissed most of this folklore as idle thinking and worse, but I’m amazed to read that Einstein’s brain weighed only 2.7 pounds, less than most male brains at 3 pounds.

Another personal discovery in the article Heady Theories on Contours of Einstein’s Genius is that last week researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, Laboratory of Neuroimaging reported in the journal Neuroimage that regular meditation can increase the size of brain areas that regulate emotion.

Now I need no other reason to post an article in Dolce Vita about online mediation from Yoga Today. A