Higher Than Predicted Human Exposure to BPA in Females

RedTracker| Scientists have issued new calls for governmental regulation of bisphenol A (BPA) an estrogen-like chemical found in many everyday products. Researchers are clear that women, female monkeys and female mice have major similarities when it comes to how BPA is metabolized by the body.

By proving that all three female mammals metabolize BPA similarly, researchers are demanding that research studies on one group be accepted as evidence on behalf of all three. Separate tests on human women should not be required, where damaging evidence already exists in monkeys and rodents.

The findings in the current study suggest that human exposure to BPA is much higher than some prior estimates and is likely to be from many still-unknown sources, indicating the need for governmental agencies to require the chemical industry to identify all products that contain BPA.

BPA manufacturers continue to deny the validity of any negative impact of BPA on humans, even though certain states have passed bills to reduce exposure to BPA. Similar legislation is pending in Congress. via Science Daily