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Bernard Arnault, chairman LVMHDots| Bertrans Puech, chairman of Hermes International told journalists in Paris yesterday that the Hermes family, who control 73% of the company, remain ‘serene’ despite the presence of LVMH as a 17.1% shareholder in the company.

A takeover of Hermes would test even the finances of Bernaud Arnault’s LVMH, says WSJ. It appears that Arnault is in for the long haul with Hermes, waiting for individual family members to change their minds about selling their ownership shares.

Arnault didn’t succeed in capturing Gucci years ago, but he has effectively closed the door to other suitors for Hermes. Meanwhile, the Hermes family has hired the Ginestie law firm to advise it on ‘all possible routes to convince LVMH to sell its stake.

AOC is a regular follower of LVMH, believing it to be the most perfectly-positioned company to address the values and consumption needs of the Smart Sensuality woman.

The LVMH corporate website gives outsiders an in-depth look into deeply-held, holistic core values about the relationship between consumers and brands, as well as the civic responsibilities that are part of the LVMH mindset. ‘Very impressive,’ says Anne.

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