Helping Aging American Women See Their Value

Body|Beauty|Sexy Today’s NYTimes Style section introduces Dr. Vivian Diller and Dr. Jill Muir-Sukenick who are ‘trying to help’ American women deal with the demoralizing challenges of aging in America.

At a time when cosmetic surgery is increasingly seen as a casual endeavor, and anti-aging injections as inevitable, “Face It” gives women practical steps to parse how they feel about this beauty paradox. “Should women simply grow old naturally, since their looks don’t define them, or should they fight the signs of aging, since beauty and youth are their currency and power?” the authors ask in their book.

All research does confirm that American women feel negatively about aging in a way that French, Italian and Brazilian women don’t. Cultural norms of beauty have much to do with this self-perception.  America believes that dying is a disgrace and only for quitters. We seem to put aging in the same category. Read on: Appreciating Your Value as You Age

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