Heavy-Cola Drinkers Have Poorer Diets, Lower Sperm Counts

Love to Eat| The headlines are misleading — most likely. Although a Danish study reveals that men who drink cola have lower sperm counts, researchers are more inclined to examine the larger lifestyle.  The caffeine in coffee doesn’t depress sperm counts, so the caffeine in coke can’t be the culpit.

“It’s important to note that the men who drank a lot of cola were also different in many other ways,” Dr. Tina Kold Jensen of Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, told Reuters Health.

The 93 men out of 2500 who drank a quart or more of cola a day had only 35 million sperm per millileter versus 50 million in the sperm of non-high-quantity cola drinkers. They also ate more fast foods, and less fruit and vegetables. via Reuters