Handshakegate in Indonesia| Information Minister Says Michelle Obama Forced Herself On Him

Young officers stop women wearing trousers, giving them skirts to wear, now that pants are prohibited for women in West Aceh IndonesiaBeyond the Veil| Indonesia’s pious information minister, Tifatul Sembiring says the America’s First Lady Michelle Obama ‘forced’ him to make contact with her via a handshake. A devout Muslim, Mr Sembiring says he avoids touching women who aren’t family members.

The subject of how the First Lady would handle encounters with Muslim officials was debated in advance of Michelle Obama’s arrival. We don’t know if the White House had a plan, but we’re pleased to see our First Lady be less pious and devoutly demure, than she was at the Vatican in July 2009.

Some local observers laughed at that idea, and one female reporter gleefully said he wouldn’t be able to avoid shaking her hand anymore, AP reported. Here in the video you see our First Lady ‘forcing herself’ on Mr. Sembring.

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