Handouts vs Handup | Should We Talk About the Difference?

South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer HopeTracker|In Oregon public furor is turning not only on the rich but members of public-service unions.

In South Carolina, Lt. Gov Andre Bauer, a two-term Republican who is running for governor, says that South Carolina needs to have an honest conversation about the cycle of government dependency among its poorest residents.

Saying now that he should have chosen his words more carefully, Baurer asked some of the state’s poorest residents: “Why shouldn’t you have to do something?” Bauer asked of people receiving food stamps, free school lunches and public housing. “In government, we are too often giving a handout instead of a hand up.”

This is a fair question. But when Baurer then began quoting his dead grandmother who said that you don’t feed stray animals because they breed, his words made the front page of Gawker. Is America entering a new phase of Truth Serum talking? via The State (South Carolina’s Homepage)