Haitian Missionaries | Working for God | No Room for Athena & Minerva

RedTracker| As with Lubna Hussein in the summer of 2009, our coverage of the Haitian missionaries has taken us deep into God’s country, this time in America and not Sudan. Allah figured deeply in the Lubna case and Jesus is front and center with the Haitian missionaries.

In the last day, I’ve studied, read, analyzed and processed the Southern Baptist beliefs about their vision for life in America. With little constructive public discourse left in America, I’m trying to do my part, connecting a few dots in hope of greater understanding of the issues.

Our readers are responsive and amazingly tolerant of my writing. Thank you.  Here are the latest articles and essays on the intersections of American politics, women’s rights, Haitian missionaries, pornography and religion, all written in the last 24 hours. Anne

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Lawyer to Missionaries Held in Haiti Under Investigation As Leader of Sex Trafficking Ring