Haitian Judge Will Make Initial Silsby Group Decision Feb 10th

GlobeTracker| Today’s Idaho Statesman updates us on the situation with Laura Silsby and nine other missionaries being held in Haiti. We learn:

The group’s Haitian lawyer says that although Silsby knew all along that she lacked the proper paperwork, the others didn’t. The inference is that Silsby’s friend, nanny and constant travel partner Charisa Coulter was also duped about the paperwork problems, based on Haitian lawyer Edwin Coq’s assertions.

Presumably Coulter’s involvement in meetings with Dominican officials who advised Silsby not to take the children out of Haiti will emerge.

Under Haitian law, based on Napoleonic Law, one is presumed guilty until proven innocent. This is the opposite legal code from the one in America. (We’re researching this assumption worldwide.)

The judge will hear testimony from the detainees Monday, review it Tuesday and release his opinion on Wednesday, according to Coq.

Haiti has long been concerned about child trafficking across the Dominican border. In 2005, UNICEF estimated that 30,000 Haitian children were trafficked across the border to work in the sex industry and other positions of forced servitude.

No one is impuning the motives or intentions of the 10 Idaho missionaries. We will report on the larger problem of child trafficking 30,000 and now more children out of Haiti, a problem equal to or greater than the current plight of the 10 missionaries.

At least 22 of the children, from 2 to 12, have parents. Some of the parents agree that they willingly handed the children over to Laura Silsby and her group. Details via Idaho Statesman

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