Haaretz Writes Imposed Settlement Coming | America's Foreign Policy Promises Worthless

Love|Peace We circle the world for a temperature check on Israeli|US relations. Most interesting is an op ed piece — posing as a news article in Haaretz — saying that many Israelis believe that President Obama is about to impose a solution on the region.

Israeli officials say that the Obama administration’s new policy contradicts commitments made by previous administrations, as well as a letter from George W. Bush in 2004 to the prime minister at the time, Ariel Sharon. According to this view, the new policy is also incongruous with the framework posed by Bill Clinton in 2000.

It’s pretty strong writing from Haaretz. Bottom line — in a liberal Jewish newspaper — the US is close to becoming a scum bag on the world state, our word meaning nothing, diplomatic handshakes now worthless.

NYT writer Roger Cohen compares Netanyahu to Kruschev and Obama to Kennedy. Very interesting. Read on in Love|Peace. Anne