Guns and Roses | Lady Gaga | General McChrystal | Rolling Stone

Love | Peace Will he or won’t he. It seems that Afghanistan War man in charge Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal had a real slip of the tongue in his new, impromptu interview with Rolling Stone July 8-22 magazine.

He could be called on the carpet this moment. Losing our general in charge would not be the best scenario this moment, but McChrystal’s comments are nothing less than awesome. 

The piece, entitled “The Runaway General,” quotes aides saying General McChrystal was “pretty disappointed” by an Oval Office meeting with Mr. Obama, and that he found the president “uncomfortable and intimidated” during a Pentagon meeting with General McChrystal and several other generals. via NYTimes

In fact, Gen. McChrystal trashes the entire Obama group with one exception — our lady-in-waiting Secy of State Hillary Clinton. Stay tuned on this one.

If American politics isn’t your beat, read up on the Lady Gaga Rolling Stone interview, headlining the same issue, in Sensuality News. For a moment here, we’re have a Sixties flashback. Even Rolling Stone’s writing with a new vibrancy lately.