Gun Love | Wandering Hearst Castle Zebras Shot Dead, Become Rugs

HopeTracker| Pity the three zebras — a buck, a mare and a yearling — that escaped the Heart Ranch at San Simeon and wandered over to nearby Cambria.

When the zebras had the unmitigated stupidity to turn up on David Fiscalini’s cattle ranch, he raised his shot gun and killed two of them. A neighbor took down the third.

The fury between ranchers and animal lovers escalated beyond ranchers saying they have a right to defend livestock — allegedly “spooked” by the zebras. It was David Fiscalini’s calling of a taxidermist, asking him to skin one of the zebras for a rug that produced an outcry. The other neighbor wanted a zebra rug, too.

Stephen Hearst, William Randolph Hearst’s great-grandson, who oversees the animals that live at Heart Castle, said he was shocked that Fiscalini hadn’t called him about the zebras. The zebras, Hearst said, rarely venture beyond the fence, “but from time to time they do, and neighbors give us a call and we retrieve them.” via LA Times