Gretchen Rubin Shares 13 Tips for Productive Writing

ArtTracker| Huffington Post blogger Gretchen Rubin shares 13 tips for actually getting some writing done.

Some suggestions are familiar to me as a writer and also from teachers, but I saw stars reading #4: If you have trouble re-entering a project, stop working in mid-thought — even mid-sentence — so it’s easy to dive back in later.

To me, that’s a stupendously smart, actionable, productivity idea. I admit that I always stop with a sense of completion of a section or idea.

Re-entry to the writing then begins from a new point, and I spend time ‘wandering around’ deciding where to begin. I love Gretchen’s idea.

Also #7: Remember that lots of good ideas and great writing come during the revision stage. I’ve found, for myself, that I need to get a beginning, middle, and an end in place, and then the more creative and complex ideas begin to form. So I try not to be discouraged by first drafts.

I know this tip, but it’s difficult to walk away from ‘bad’ or incomplete writing. Reading Gretchen’s 13 tips for productive writing list, I realize that writing requires acts of will. Make rules around you work process, and just do it.

Women tend to analyze things to death, so we’re probably worse then men in executing #7. A