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Prince Charles Opens The Prince’s House At Ideal Home Show AOC Green Beings

GreenTracker| In Britain, Prince Charles has revealed his new eco-friendly The Prince’s House as part of this year’s Ideal Home Show. The project is part of the Prince’s longstanding commitment to developing a fundamental harmony between human beings and Nature.

In his distinctive way, Prince Charles rejects the ‘eco bling’ approach of adding stuff to our environments, then patting ourselves on the back because it’s eco friendly. His Prince’s House gets down to the fundamentals of building a truly sustainable home that speaks to past as well as future.

A similar preoccupation on agricultural diversity absorbs Berlin artist and graphic designer Uli Westphal. All over Berlin’s rooftops, balconies and community garden space, Uli Westphal is growing vegetable au naturel, not born of custom-designed seeds.

Westphal then photographs the most visually interesting vegetables and occasional fruit for his archives.

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