Green Energy | Humans Who 'Run' On Sunlight

humans make energy from sunlightGreenTracker| If you believe that humans who run on sunlight are only creatures of science fiction, think again. Harvard Medical School biologist Pamela Silver, aims to push that concept into reality.

Kate Perry showed up at the Met’s Monday-night gala wearing a LED light-show dress. In a couple decades, perhaps she will glow all by herself herself, if Pamela Silver is successful in making us human light bulbs.

Silver’s primary research focus on cyanobacteria, a microbe responsible for almost 50 percent of the earth’s photosynthetic ability. Her team aims to harness the organisms’ photosynthetic powers by engineering them to generate fuel and other valuable chemicals.

In her spare time, Silver’s managed to successfully inject cyanobacteria into zebrafish. The organisms aren’t ready to fun on their own sun-infused energy, but in phase one research, all systems are ‘go’.

Yes, indeed, we’re talking the end of obesity and MacDonald’s here. Let the food lobbying begin! Talk about ‘going green.’ via MIT Technology Review

See short video of Zebrafish embryos (green) that have been injected with photosynthetic cyanobacteria (red). Click link (not embedded)

photosynthesis in zebrafish