Google Nurtures Stanford's Sebastian Thrun's Robot Car Project

FutureTracker| Is Google getting in the car business? There is no doubt that the Toyota Prius with a curious funnel-like cylinder on the roof is driving between San Francisco and Los Angeles had a driver occupant who was only along for the ride.

The NYTimes reports that many residents think the Google cars are just more surveillance of their neighborhoods. The project is the brainchild of Sebastian Thrun, the 43-year-old director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a Google engineer and the co-inventor of the Street View mapping service.

Without a stated business plan in mind for the cars, it’s know that Dr. Thrun is a passionate believer in reduced accidents if computers take over the wheel, and also reduced energy costs. The same commitment is shared by Google’s co-founder Larry Paige. Read on at NYTimes: Smarter Than You Think = Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic.