Google Adsense Bans CougarDating but Not SugarDaddy

google adsense bans older women datingDots| Google Adsense has banned ads about ‘cougars’ from its offering. Today’s NYTimes writes

The business impact of Google’s decision on is ads will no longer appear on more than 6,700 Web sites, including, YouTube and MySpace, which accounted for 60 percent of its traffic, said Thomas Koshy, vice president for marketing at CougarLife, a Toronto-based site that says it has a half-million members, men and women. via NYTimes

Google executives admit they have no problem with sugar-daddy websites or older men/younger women websites. Google considers older women dating younger men as not a suitable topic for children and not family-friendly.

Note: we all know that there are truly adult websites out there, carrying the word cougar. But Google has determined that the the website — which is not adult at all — will be banned from Adsense.