Good Lord | Now Chris Matthews Says God Is Backing Obama

HopeTracker| Anne of Carversville is no fan of Chris Matthews. We find him a divisive, blowhard egomaniac, who is no friend to women or moderate, intelligent conversation.

When Chris latches onto a subject, like Michelle Bachman and the Mau Mau, he pounds it relentlessly five nights in a row. I’ve turned off his show because I learn nothing listening to him. When he unfortunately stepped in at the recent World Affair Conference on the Middle East in Philadelphia, what did he talk about? The Mau Mau and how Conservatives are destroying America.

When I walked into the ladies room, were the women talking about the Middle East? No. The topic was how much they loathe Chris Matthews. Returning home at 7:30 pm, I walked in to hear Chris Matthews talking about — you guessed it, the Mau Mau.

As moderates of both parties desperately try to get God off center stage in every conversation about America’s future, Chris Matthews is now toting his own Bible. He has joined Sarah Palin, putting God center stage — but for the Democrats.

Business Insider provides the leadup quotes. We quote the finale:

Matthews then leveled some of the candidates of the far right including Sarah Palin, who “talks like thinking isn’t necessary, it may not even be good for people.” And Newt Gingrich who “uses his mind to say truly hateful things.”

“John McCain tried to beat them, the zealots, once. The family values types went after his family. George Bush’s father tried to take them on. Ronald Reagan managed to charm them, but he was a rarity. The danger today is the only way to win the nomination is get past the gatekeepers of the right, and they aren’t looking to let anybody past who isn’t dead right, like them.”

Now for dropping the gauntlet, waving the red flag in front of the Republican bull:

“Maybe this is God’s will that Obama not have a reasonable opponent out there. How’s that for an incendiary statement?”

God is now in charge of the Chris Matthews show. The shouting political pundit agrees that God is running America. Will someone shut him up. Anne

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