God, Gardens & How We Got Here

GlobeTracker| I’ve talked about God enough for one week, following yesterday’s Biblicial verses with Zink photos of silenced women with today’s news of Huffington Post’s new religion channel. Let’s just agree that a new group of writers and thinkers are entering the discussion about religion in America.

I never dreamed the Founding Fathers would start appearing at Anne of Carversville, but I’ve decided that the stakes are too high to ignore. Read on: Only Women (with Men’s Support) Will Save the World.

With my own promise to ‘keep quiet’ for at least a week, let me share this interesting article Of God and Gardens from The Economist’s More Intelligent Life. As a summary article on religous beliefs, the piece offers a balanced view of the issues, not so much the stakeholders. Also, see more key articles on all sides.