Global Sea Level Rising Ahead of Scientific Predictions

GreenTracker| Two new reports send more dire warnings about global warming in the Arctic. Science published new research attempting to construct a model around the past and future history of the Arctic. Their focus is demonstrating how the previous cooling pattern of the Arctic has been reversed, due to greenhouse gases.

The recent warming trend has been so strong that researchers say it might have even kept the Earth from slipping into a new Ice Age — although now, of course, the world needs to deal with the opposite problem.

The World Wildlife Fund study found that the global sea level will rise by more than 3 ft. by 2100, significantly higher than scientists had previously believed. “What we’re finding is truly sobering,” says Martin Sommerkorn, the senior adviser for the WWF’s Arctic Program.

WWF cautions that methane locked in Arctic permafrost could soon be released, triggering another set of threatening weather patterns. Read: Studies of the Arctic Suggest a Dire Situation.