Global Carbon Emissions Drop Far Less Than Predicted in Economic Downturn

GreenTracker| Global warming experts believed that one positive benefit of the global recession would be a ‘breather’ from the rapid escalation of global carbon dioxide CO2 emissions — the main contributor to global warming, if you believe that global warming actually exists.

In reality, it appears that the burning of fossil fuel in 2009 was only 1.3 percent below the record 2008 figures, less than half the drop predicted. Drops in emissions were 8-10% in many developed countries like the USA, Japan, German, France and the UK.

But the strong economic performances in China and India (Brazil not mentioned) largely offset these CO2 reductions. America’s newly elected members of Congress are largely committed to escalating a return to fossil fuel production in America, rather than prioritize green technologies, as even China is doing. via Science Daily