Germany's Top Newspaper Asks: Is Brazil Building the Bomb?

brazil's president Lula could go nuclearLove | Peace Germany’s SPIEGEL ONLINE writes that Brazil may be very lose to building a nuclear bomb. In a 2009 article Foreign Policy published “The Future Nuclear Powers You Should Be Worried About” and didn’t mention Brazil. Their focus was Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Burma, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

Writer Christopher Sultan disagrees, writing:

Even if there is no definitive proof of Brazil’s nuclear activities (yet), past events suggest that it is highly likely that Brazil is developing nuclear weapons. Neither the constitutional prohibition nor the NPT will prevent this from happening. All it would take to obtain a parliamentary resolution to eliminate these obstacles would be for Lula da Silva to say that the United States is not entitled to a monopoly on nuclear weapons in the Americas. If that happens, Latin America would no longer be a nuclear weapons-free zone — and Obama’s vision of a nuclear-free world would be finished.