Germany Says No Dolphin Imports | Dolphin Deaths UP 10-Fold in Gulf

GreenTracker| The Solomon Star confirms that Germany’s Federal Agency for Nature and Conservation (FANC), the CITES agency in Germany says there will be no dolphins imported into Germany. Local Solomon Islands dolphin exporter Robert Satu said he had an order from Germany and also Dubai and other European countries.

The fight around dolphin rights has centered largely on dolphin hunting by Japan, as revealed in last year’s academy award documentary ‘The Cove’. It’s expected that pressure on the export of entertainment dolphins to water parks and luxury hotels will escalate in the coming years.

On a very sad note, in America dead baby dolphins are washing up at 10 times the normal rate in the Gulf Coast beaches, says Tree Hugger. 

Moby Solangi of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies says that none of the bodies showed observable signs of oil contamination. The decomposition of the calves is preventing autopsies. Although there is no evidence presently, all eyes are turning towards the Gulf Oil Spill as linked to the dolphin deaths.

Solangi is very concerned that this may be the tip of the iceberg, saying “When something strange like this happens to a large group of dolphins, which are at the top of the food chain, it tells us the rest of the food chain is affected.”

For a new article researching actual conditions on the Gulf seafloor near the oil spill, read Gulf Floor Fouled by Bacterial Oil Feast, via US News and World Report.

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