Germany, Dutch Follow Ireland in New Catholic Sex Scandals, While a Baby Brews At Vatican

RedTracker| What began as a small story on the latest sex scandal at the Vatican — Angelo Balducci, a Gentleman of His Holiness, who apparently procured the sexual services of men for his private pleasure. This minute, the scandal is confined to Balducci and shows no sign of spreading.

Propelled by US Rep. Stupak’s insistence that higher principles prevail in his service to America than the Supreme Court or the larger issue of health care reform for Americans, we followed the Vatican trail right into serious new sex scandals in the Netherlands and Germany. In Ireland, ordinary Catholics are being asked to make 20-year commitments to pay the financial damages awarded in Ireland’s current sex scandal against priests.

As Catholic bishops move to run American politics and ask parishoners to pay for the sex crimes of priests, we argue that Dante’s Comedy has gotten totally out of hand. Read on Catholic Church | Men Above the Law.