German Psychiatrist Pleaded that Father Hullermann Be Kept Away from Children. In 2010 He Still Worked with Children

Catholic priest Peter Hullermann was still working with children last week.RedTracker| The psychiatrist treating a priest of sexually abusing boys states that he repeatedly advised the German archdiocese led by the future Pope Benedict XVI, that the priest should not be allowed to work with children. via NYTimes

“I said, ‘For God’s sake, he desperately has to be kept away from working with children,’” the psychiatrist Werner Huth said in an interview Thursday. “I was very unhappy about the entire story.” Dr. Huth said he was concerned enough that he set three conditions for treating the priest, Peter Hullermann: that he stay away from young people and alcohol and be supervised by another priest at all times.

Dr. Huth said he issued the warnings — explicit, both written and oral — before the future pope, then Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger, left Germany for the Vatican in 1982. In 1980, following abuse complaints from parents in Essen that the priest did not deny, Archbishop Ratzinger approved a decision to move the priest to Munich for therapy.

Despite the psychiatrist’s warnings, Father Hullermann was allowed to return to parish work almost immediately after his therapy began, interacting with children as well as adults. He was promptly accused of molesting other boys and was convicted in 1986 of sexual abuse in Bavaria.

Benedict’s then-deputy, Gerhard Gruber says that the Archbishop had no knowledge of events.The psychiatrist says he doesn’t know what Benedict knew and didn’t know. He never spoke with the Archbishop directly.

Even after his conviction in 1986, Father Hullermann, now 62, continued working with altar boys for many years. He was suspended just this past Monday for ignoring a 2008 church order not to work with youths.

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