Geology Defines "Terroir" of French Burgandy Chablis

French Burgandy Chablis reflects terroir of regionDolceTracker| French Burgandies are among the most savoured wines in the world. Near the cliffs of Dover in France le vrai Chablis, which comes from the northernmost vineyards of Burgundy, reflects the unique characteristics of its soil — or its terroir.

I never thought we would be reading a wine column written by Jay McInerney written for the WSJ, but today the prominent novelist explains the wine-drinking impact of the ” Kimmeridgian chain—a huge Cretaceous/Jurassic deposit of chalky marl and limestone riddled with fossil seashells, notably a small, comma-shaped oyster, Exogyra virgula. The white cliffs of Dover are part of this vast formation, which rises and falls beneath north central France. It crops up in the Loire regions of Sancerre and Pouilly, and in Chablis as well.”

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