Genome Sequencing Marries Humans | Neanderthals Globally

neanderthal human interbreedingGreenTracker| Writing for the Atlantic Wire, John Hudson reviews the media analysis around the new anthropological scientific discovery that Humans Share Neanderthal Ancestry After All.

Published in the May 7 issue of Science, is evidence that shortly after early modern humans migrated out of Africa, some of them interbred with Neanderthals, leaving bits of Neanderthal DNA sequences scattered through the genomes of present-day non-Africans. 

Neanderthals lived in much of Europe and western Asia before dying out 30,000 years ago. They coexisted with humans in Europe for thousands of years, and fossil evidence led some scientists to speculate that interbreeding may have occurred there. But the Neanderthal DNA signal shows up not only in the genomes of Europeans, but also in people from East Asia and Papua New Guinea, where Neanderthals never lived. via Science Daily