Gawker Advances Yele Controversy

GivingTracker| It’s fair to say that Gawker Media will fully investigate the growing Yele Haiti controversy. Today’s story has some pretty serious allegations about Yele’s bookkeeping and an alleged fee that good friend Wyclef Jean took from Jolie-Pitt for selling a pregnant photo of Jolie. The proceeds were to benefit Yele. For more details: Gawker Adds New Info to Yele Controversy

Following any more news on the proposed $3 million Tiger Woods donation to Yele, we published Sports Figures Donate Some Money to Haiti.  It seems that Woods really is in rehab.

With regard to his supporting Yele with $3 million, I can’t imagine that with all Tiger’s existing controversies, he will risk getting involved in another one.  I expect any donation to go to a long-term provider of services, with a spotless track record.

This is not to suggest that Woods and other figures won’t continue to support Yele with some donations. In his statements yesterday, Wyclef Jean unfortunately, in my opinion, sound to paint the Yele controversy in politically-correct colors. The best move for Jean to make would be to install a highly-reputable Board of Directors for Yele. It’s done all the time, especially when huge sums of money are involved. Anne