Gates Foundation Announces Maternal | Child Health Program

Beyond the Veil| The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced that it will spearhead a new global effort focused on maternal and child health, family planning and nutrition in developing countries.

“Every year, millions of newborns die within a matter of days or weeks, and hundreds of thousands of women die in childbirth,” Mrs. Gates said. “The truth is, we can prevent most of these deaths – and at a stunningly low cost – if we take action.” via WSJ

Melinda Gates also announced that she will speak privately with the leaders in foreign countries, uring them to make women and children a top priority in their policymaking plans. 

3,500 people from 140 countries are in attendance at the Washington DC Women Deliver conference, including former presidents from Chile (Michele Bachelet) and Ireland (Mary Robinson), and also actress Ashley Judd. via RedOrbit