French Women Move Forward | American Women Not

Body|Beauty|Sexy The buzz is about Rose Cordero’s Mar 2010 French Vogue cover, only the second time a Black woman has been featured since Liya Kebede in 2002. We use the fabulously well done fashion editorial spread to talk about differences between French and American women.

Trying not to editorialize but stick with the facts, we compare French and American women on four key indicators. American women might not want to face the truth, but French women (led by Scandinavian women) are leaving American women in the dust — on the basis of secular indicators: political participation, economic, education and health.

In the religious department — not measured — we know that American women win. French women believe their faith and spirituality is a private matter. In America, increasingly our faith defines us as women. Viva la difference! Read on French Women Beat Americans 18 to 31 on Gender Equity.