French Women Challenged About 'Perfect' Motherhood

RedTracker| I doubt that French writer Elizabeth Badinter is headed to America for a speaking engagement. If she is, tell her to turn back. With shouts of ‘baby killer’ echoing through the halls of Congress, it’s not a good time to ask if motherhood is a form of oppression.

While American women ponder our status as ‘wombs with occupants’ — per Rep Stupak — Badinter can fight off her own Parisian tomato fights from French men and women.

According to the London Times, she’s unleashed one heck of a ruckus — in French terms, of course. Not a Texas-style ruckus like we have in America.  We’ll be following this philosophical discussion with French women on the upsides and downsides of being the perfect French mother to all those mini Napoleons. Read on in Women Rebels.