France's First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy

RedTracker| Carla Bruni Bruni promised to stop the touring gigs in her singing career, after becoming First Lady of France.

But soon after taking on her official duties Carla told a documentary film maker: ‘No more sex, no more drugs, only rock and roll.’

Now the Carla is headed to Madison Square Garden on July 18, joining Aretha Franklin, Cyndi Lauper, Alicia Keyes and Stevie Wonder in celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy lashed out Monday the small but growing number of women in France who are wearing burqas.

“The burqa is not a religious sign, it’s a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement — I want to say it solemnly,” he said. “It will not be welcome on the territory of the French Republic.”

In France, the terms “burqa” and “niqab” often are used interchangeably. The former refers to a full-body covering worn largely in Afghanistan with only a mesh screen over the eyes, whereas the latter is a full-body veil, often in black, with slits for the eyes.

France’s junior minister for human rights, Rama Yade, said she was open to a ban if it is aimed at protecting women forced to wear the burqa.