France Denies Moroccan Man Citizenship Over Burqa-Wearing Wife

GlobeTracker| France has denied citizenship to a Moroccan man who insists that his wife wear a burqa. This decision by French Immigration Minister Eric Besson is backed up by Prime Minister Francois Fillon told Europe 1 radio that he would sign the decree banning citizenship on the grounds that “It’s French law.”

“The civil code has for a very long time provided that naturalisation could be refused to someone who does not respect the values of the (French) republic. Just today, Anne wrote about French Vogue’s ‘take’ on the burqa debate.

France is home to independent-minded women who don’t think twice about combining fashion and political principles in their favorite magazines. France is light years ahead of America in this regard.

Read on: PM says man with ‘burqa’ wife has no place in France AFP and Anne’s series of five essays on burqas written this summer, at the height of her involvement in the Lubna Hussein trial for wearing pants in Sudan.

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