FOX News | 'Archaic' Network Provides Climate Data

GreenTracker| FoxNews is running a story picked up by no other news source at this moment. Titled ‘Archaic’ Network Provides Data Behind Global Warming Theory, Critics Say, FOX writes:

Crucial data on the American climate, part of the basis for proposed trillion-dollar global warming legislation, is churned out by a 120-year-old weather system that has remained mostly unchanged since Benjamin Harrison was in the White House.

The information on temperature changes isn’t logged  by scientific monitoring devices, much to my surprise. Nor should we assume that old-fashioned thermometer checking doesn’t turn out accurate information. I would expect that advanced technology is guiding the facts on global warming.

We have no way of evaluating the accuracy of the FOX News story, but it appears as informative and written without malice. Each person should judge the relevance or none of the story. We’re not taking any position, except to say that we are committed to sharing all relevant information about Climategate and global warming research in general. If that story comes from FOX News and not the New York Times, we will publish it, with hopes that other media weighs in soon Read on.

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