Fossil Finger Ratio Suggest Neanderthals Were Playboys, Compared to Modern Humans

GreenBeings| An analysis of fossil figner bones of early human ancestors suggests that Neanderthals were more promisculous than today’s human populations. Researchers at the universities of Liverpool, Oxford, collaborating with Southampton and Calgary base their conclusions on fossil finger lengths.

Operating on the current science that androgens like testosterone affect finger length during prenatal development, the researchers found that the second and fourth finger ratios of Neanderthals were lower than most living humans.

In a leap of faith based only on finger lengths — and surely an assumption that will be challenged vociferously by anthropologists — “the results also suggest that early hominin, Australopithecus — dating from approximately three to four million years ago — was likely to be monogamous, whereas the earlier Ardipithecus appears to have been highly promiscuous and more similar to living great apes.” via Science Daily

Because the Vatican doesn’t reject evolutonary theory, but absolutely embraces monogamy, Pope Benedict will be thrilled with these findings.