Former President Clinton Undergoes Heart Surgery in NYC

Former President Bill Clinton on a recent trip to HaitiHopeTracker| Former President Bill Clinton was taken to Manhattan’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital this afternoon, where two stents were installed in one fo his coronary arteries. A stent is a wire mesh tube used to propr open an artery.

The former president is leading fundraising efforts for the Haiti earthquake recovery effort alongside former President George W. Bush and recently traveled to the country. A Democratic source close to the family told Fox News the former president had been feeling ill after returning and complaining of chest pains for “days.” via FOX News

Clinton’s wife Secy of State Hillary Clinton left the Oval Office about the same time, without rush or great fan fare. Secretary Clinton is supposed to leave for an overseas trip to Qatar and Saudi Arabia Friday, and there’s no present comment about any change in her plans.She is now in New York City.

Former President Clinton underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2004.