Forget Robert Pattinson | We Love Vaginas

Body| Beauty|Sexy Many men would find Robert Pattinson’s photo shoot with Details Magazine a fine way to spend the day. Alas, not only was Pattinson bored to tears — thankfully he had a hangover. In our shock talk culture, I won’t spend too much time considering what he meant saying that he hated vaginas.

Even the most modern woman hates herself referred to as a despised body part. And it’s V-Day, not only in praise of Valentine’s Day but also Eve Ensler’s global fight to honor vaginas around the globe, and specifically to stop practices like Female Genital Mutiliation.

Hence, the timing of Pattinson’s remarks don’t amuse me, and I have a very long fuse.

Anne of Carversville stands up for the beauty of global vaginas,  365 days a year. Anne

The interview and my commentary in Sex Talk Robert Pattinson’s Obnoxious Relationship with Vaginas

Sexy photos from the Details shoot in Private Studio Nude | Robert Pattinson | Various Vaginas | Details Mar 2010