Foreign Policy Targets 100 Top Global Thinkers

GlobeTracker| Foreign Policy Magazine delivers its First Annual List of the 100 Top Global Thinkers. The list opens with a perhaps predictable American Federal Reserve ChairmanBen Bernacke, followed by American President Barack Obama.

The third spot is a surprise, going to Iran’s Zahra Rahnavard “for being the brains behind Iran’s Green Revolution and the campaign of her husband, opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi. Muslim bloggers have responded positively to the inclusion of 10 Muslims on the list of 100 global thinkers.

The expected ones are front and center with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the 6th position. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is 74th and British religious scholar Karen Armstrong at 87th. Bill Gates is there, along with Columbia economist Joseph Stiglitz, Kofi Annan, British climate economist and Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria.

Former American vice president Dick Cheney occupies at spot at the front of the list. We’ll publish the entire list for readers, and organize links into their blogs and books. Anne

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