For Bigger Bucks in Adult Life, Teen Guys Need Aerobic Exercise

Love to Eat|Moms and dads have work to do. I’ve put this new research study in Love Potions, because I watch young guys in the gym every day. Few are focused on aerobic exercise and most are working on achieving studmuffin status being Mr. Muscle.

Simply stated, teen vanity does nothing to enhance adult cognitive functioning later in life. Aerobic exercise and cardivascular health among teenage boys do correlate to higher scores on intelligence tests and income later in life.In every measure of cognitive functioning they analyzed — from verbal ability to logical performance to geometric perception to mechanical skills — average test scores increased according to aerobic fitness.

However, scores on intelligence tests did not increase along with muscle strength, the Swedish researchers found. via Science Daily

Parents have their hands full trying to convince teen sons (and daughters) that time on the treadmill or running track is more important than lifting dumbells. The test group was all male but we assume that aerobic, cardivascular fitness in teen women is every bit as important for future brain health in adult life.

And if your child is a member of the huge wave of biggie-size kids in America, this is one more piece of emerging research focused not only on physiological body health but brain health — translated intelligence data — that’s impacted by food and exercise. Anne

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