Florence Nightingale Honored With Westminister Chapel

RedTracker| Florence Nightingale will becomes the first British commoner to have a chapel in London’s Westminster Abbey named after her. Joining saints, kings and poets, the heroine of the Crimean War will receive one of the highest honours in the Anglican Church.

Among the more than 3,300 people are buried in Westminster Abbey and its cloisters, we find 600 monuments and memorials. The Florence Nightingale dedication by Archbishop Desmond Tutu on May 12 will be the first time that a chapel is named after an individual who is not a saint or member of the Royal Family.

In a rare occurrence for the world’s women, the Anglican Church gave the Florence Nightingale Foundation UK more than they asked for.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation had asked if an image of the nurse could be placed in the Abbey. “But we were told we could have a whole chapel dedicated instead, which was fantastic”, the charity told The Times. via London Times