First Lady Michelle Obama Hopes to Bring Daughters to Mexico

GlobeTracker| In Mexico, First Lady Michelle Obama said that she hopes to bring her daughters south of the border for a visit. Mrs Obama sought to deflect the negative impact of ustifiable embassy warnings to Americans considering travel in Mexico.

“I would encourage any American to spend time here,” she said.

Mrs Obama did not publicly discuss Mexico’s growing drug and violence problem, which are directly connected to American consumption. Read on First Lady Michelle Obama Says Mexico Still Safe for Travel via ABC News

We’re happy to see Mrs Obama launching her more international agenda, one that will take her around the world with her key focus on children and youth. In speaking before students in Mexico City at Iberoamerican University, Mrs Obama told students that she entered Princeton University filled with self-doubt.

She said she and President Obama came from families that were not wealthy, yet they prevailed despite “the sting of low expectations, the constant doubts about whether we could succeed, and whether we were even worth the effort.” via LA Timess