Fighting in Southern Sudan Targets Women & Children for Murder

Beyond the Veil| The London Times reports that women and children in Southern Sudan, already suffering from severe malnutrition and too weak from hunger to cry, are being single out by the fighting in Southern Sudan in Jonglei state.

The trend of directly attacking women and children is new. “They must have planned it for when the men had left the camp. They came after us one by one. We had no-one to defend us,” said Nyayual, who fled her village. The fighting in Southern Sudan is more intense than in Darfur, with more than a quarter of million people displaced in three southern states alone.

The UN has warned that one and a half million people in Southern Sudan are on the brink of famine. The North and South are delaying preparations for the referendum giving independence for the mostly Christian and animist South from the Muslim north.

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